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Planning for the Future

Preparing for your death can be difficult. It is hard to contemplate leaving behind loved ones. If you put it off, however, you could create problems for your loved ones during probate – the court process used to distribute your assets and property after your death.

Our Law firm understands the importance of comprehensive, effective probate and estate administration in regards to working with Wills & Trusts. We can help you if you have been named the personal representative of an estate. We provide experienced counsel for administering an estate in probate, ensuring the accuracy of the documents and the timeliness of the filings. We can also help you contest a suspicious or poorly drafted Will.

Will & Trust Attorneys in Meridian Idaho

Legal Property Distribution

Larsen & Rice can administer your estate to help ensure your wishes are protected. As personal representatives named in your will, our Lawyers can effectively work to ensure the property of your estate is properly distributed. As part of duties as personal representative, we:

-Gather estate assets
-Provide notice for all interested parties
-Pay debts, including taxes
-Distribute the remaining assets according to the direction of a will
-Without proper administration, your loved ones could face court hearings and other costly legal matters before your estate can be distributed.
-Helping You Contest a Will

If you feel a loved one’s will is legally defective, we can help you contest the validity of their will. Certain legal parameters control whether or not you can litigate or go to court to have the will overturned. If you feel undue influence or threats were used to cause a relative to alter their will for the purpose of personal gain, we may be able to help. Other legal factors that can affect a will’s validity can include:

-The deceased’s state of mind when the will was written.
-Any medical conditions or situations affecting the deceased.
-Improper signatures or witnesses.
-Fraud, forgery or other unlawful means were used to obtain the will.

Will & Trust Attorneys in Meridian Idaho

Legal Services offered for Future Planning

-Estate Planning
-Living Trusts
-Document Review

Larsen & Rice represents Individuals and Families with their Wills and Trusts throughout the Treasure Valley including by not limited to; Caldwell Idaho, Middleton Idaho, Star Idaho, Emmett Idaho, Marsing Idaho, Nampa Idaho, Meridian Idaho, Eagle Idaho, and Boise Idaho.