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Criminal Defense Law

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We are passionate about defending your legal rights. As an American citizen, you have Constitutional protections in the face of criminal accusations. Too often, the State applies immense pressure on you to waive these privileges. Overzealous prosecution can, and does, ruin innocent lives. We’re here to help.

What Are Your Rights?

You have the following Constitutional Rights in a criminal situation:
-Rights against unreasonable searches & seizures;
-Rights against unreasonable search warrants
-Rights against double jeopardy;
-Rights against self-incrimination;
-Rights to due-process of law;
-Miranda Rights (right to remain silent, right to consult an attorney, right to have your attorney is present during custodial interrogation).
-Rights to a speedy and public trial
-Rights to a trial by jury of your peers;
-Rights to confront your accusers and state witnesses;
-Rights against excessive bail, or cruel and unusual punishment;
-Rights to be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonably doubt.
-Rights to a writ of habeas corpus;
-Rights to privacy in your home, your car, and other belongings.

What To Do if You’ve Been Arrested

If you’ve been arrested, you have a right to remain silent. That means you can refuse to answer any police questions. You also have the right to call and have us present during your questioning. These are important rights, as the state is out to prosecute and (if possible) convict you. Anything you say to an officer will be used against you in court. Remaining silent allows you to regain your composure until you can collect your thoughts and consult your attorney. Unless the office has probable cause for your arrest, you may go free.

Juvenile Court System

We help clients of all ages, and we are have extensive experience in representing juveniles in the criminal justice system. We help protect your child’s privacy and preserve their bright future. We understand a parent’s distress watching their child in the grasp of the law. We are here to help.

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